Reviews for "Chainsaw Princess"

I appreciated the really good graphics in this. The one thing I didn't like was that it was kind of too hard. It seemed silly that you had a chainsaw with you and you couldn't even use it! It would have been pretty effective against those gnomes! This is still enjoyable, with a lot of good details. Boy, do I love the sound of getting medals. I really liked all the bright and vibrant colors used in this.

It was such a fast paced game. I have never played Robot Unicorn Attack before, but have played many imitators of it. The dash key doesn't really help you much, but at least it looks cool. I never knew those ugly gnomes could be so lethal. I guess we can judge by appearance sometimes.

This game would be really awesome if you add the following features:

1) A switch between different music tracks after hitting every stone statue
2) An upgrade of the princess's dress for gaining every 100 diamonds
3) A speech bubble stating sarcastic remarks of the princess for killing every 10 gnomes

Pardon my bad English.

Great game, but the game needs more songs in it's track as hearing the same song over and over isn't much fun. Great game though!

Song name?

i would like to have a girl like that with me