Reviews for "Chainsaw Princess"

overall this was a very good game, my only issue is when you start setting high scores it will not register it on the scoreboard ((ex. I got 35,300 but it didn't register)) other than that great game and I hope to see another one :)

ignore the troll below, he's too obvious for his own good

Simple but great game, love the music, who's she and where can i download the soundtrack?

I appreciated the really good graphics in this. The one thing I didn't like was that it was kind of too hard. It seemed silly that you had a chainsaw with you and you couldn't even use it! It would have been pretty effective against those gnomes! This is still enjoyable, with a lot of good details. Boy, do I love the sound of getting medals. I really liked all the bright and vibrant colors used in this.

It was such a fast paced game. I have never played Robot Unicorn Attack before, but have played many imitators of it. The dash key doesn't really help you much, but at least it looks cool. I never knew those ugly gnomes could be so lethal. I guess we can judge by appearance sometimes.

This game would be really awesome if you add the following features:

1) A switch between different music tracks after hitting every stone statue
2) An upgrade of the princess's dress for gaining every 100 diamonds
3) A speech bubble stating sarcastic remarks of the princess for killing every 10 gnomes

Pardon my bad English.

Surprisingly Enjoyable

I find this game to be pretty entertaining; the controls took me awhile to master but the game-play was rather engaging. The graphics were alright I liked the way the girl looks but the background was extremely bizarre since you're running through a land of candy and dessert while hacking up trolls.
A problem I faced in the game was that there was a considerable amount of lag from time to time which ended up getting me killed. I personally would've preferred a metal or heavy metal song rather than the current one since I feel that it would fit the theme of the game much better. I also think that there should be an option that allows us to change our controls to better suit the player.

Even though this game annoyed me when I kept dying, it still had me continuously coming back to play it; this is why I'm going to give the game a 8/10. If the problems are addressed, many players will be much more satisfied with this game. I see a lot of talent from you and I hope that there is a sequel to this game.