Reviews for "Johnny Upgrade"

My god this was addictive!

Quick simple, easy to learn, as you progress things get a little harder but you get tons of power ups. Not complicated at all and is good game to pass the time.

Note to low reviewers :
This game focus mainly on getting upgrades,rather than really being a platformer filled with action.It's a more comedic approach to it.
Simple game,simple mechanics and art,and straight forward gameplay.Easy learning.Not an awesome game that really causes impact but is a good time waster.Four.

Its alright!!

Your game does just well as a very simplistic platformer.

I liked the premise the game bases itself on, but i find several downsides that make this a rather mediocre game:

*Repetitive music
*Almost absolute lack of action. I was promised superpowers, but besides double-jumping, i don't see the hero doing anything impressive at all.
*The boss is way too easy. I didn't kill him since even with the gun fully upgraded i couldn't just deal enough damage. Surviving him is what i mean. His bullets are too easy to dodge, making getting to him the hard part, which would be the actual 'boss'

To sum up: the lack of atmosphere and challenge makes this game just entertaining, which, i believe, justifies my rating.