Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

ok! so i love this series! i cant wait for the next episode! all my life i have been waiting for something to come after the dragonball GT and i found dragonball AF but found out it was april fools so.. :( i have always been waiting for something like this and u are a very creative person. I believe that u may soon become some kind of game designer or movie designer.. some of the walking is a little messed up but everyone has at least one thing that they need to work on. Again i thank u for making something like this :D

I must admit, I haven't watched or liked anything from newgrounds in a very long time. And all of a sudden I come back and see this?! You have given me another reason to keep coming back now. Please keep making more episodes, even if its just fanfiction.

As for the critique, the only things that were bad were some of the grammar (good for 95% of the text) the speed of the dialog. I was unable to read it all. If you can make it where the user had control of the dialog then that would be so much better. Other than that I this flash is near perfect (in my opinion). I hope you keep getting support because I really want this to continue, but that's your call to make and not mine. Keep up the good work!


great job with this.
keep going with the actual comic do not do the specials.
at least not until the comic is finished.

bocodamondo responds:

actuarly. i will do the specials too. i mean if i leave them out. i will come to where to comic is right now very fast. (i also will made them with akira toriyama style and not with the special artist own style like vegito . bojack or bibidi special

I want a new episode...this must be a series; hell if you can get Team Four Star to do the voices than you'll get even more support; just ask them if they can provide the voices and show them your first episode and ask them what they think. It doesn't hurt to try; maybe in a parallel universe it already happened ;)

I like it it just needs to have voices of the chatracters. But I understand you probably couldn't find the right voices or the characters.