Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

the words went by to fast

Amazing, been waiting a long time for something like this!

Keep it up mate!

The art is a bit degraded then how it's shown in the manga, but that's understandable ofcourse. I bet you have put alot of work into this!

You should contact Teamfourstar to have them voice act for you, together you could create an unique, never done before project!


bocodamondo responds:

thanks ^^
yep of course. gogeta jr, the actual artist of DBM is much better then me :3
..well i allready pm'ed Lanipator in YT if he might help me...but OFCOURSE he didn reply...and im pretty sure he WONT replie. i cant rely on those guys...

hey thats very good !
or should i say in french "trés bien" !
but the animation is not so well, and need to get effort and make your own way to animated, but i read the Manga and i like it =) cant wait the "shocking" part if you know i mean.

Ready to see the next episode

i like this it's really interesting can't wait for more perfect score on my view