Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

It was good but it was mission something Extremely important The Screaming it's not Dragon Ball without screaming... and maybe use some dialogue from the actual show in the flash.
The art and sound effects were great. nice job looking forward to seeing more :)

bocodamondo responds:

yeah the voices ^^ . i really want them too but. this comic got alot of characters..LIKE ALOT!
if im going to hire voice actors..then im going to need atleast like 7 voice actors and 4 Voice actress X_x and they also have to stay with me and not later saying im out >;C

...but yeah il see if i can put voices later (IF I CONTINUE THIS!)


This was actually very well made.

The grammatical mistakes are understandable as it appears you come from Morocco.

You show so much potential it's unreal. This appears to be a massive project and though it may use the work of others, you've definitely added your own twist to it.

The animation was slightly stiff, but it was still enjoyable to watch. The lack of voice acting actually added to the overall feel of the flash. You don't want a poor voice actor (or voice actress as it is) doing a bad Goku impression, so the lack of voice acting was a plus.

The plot was very well explained and I was left with no questions as to wtf was happening. Great job.

So that's all well and good but the main plus for me was your execution in doing certain things. Like camera angles, keeping characters true to their nature... Basically, the believability in this was high, meaning that this feels right.

Excellent work, and even if you don't continue to work on this Dragon Ball idea, I still think you should continue animating because you show a lot of potential. Creating something you like is fun, so I do recommend you continue with this series as you'll be more motivated to complete it since it's based on a series that you like!

Final point... You're handling the criticism like a champ, well done Mate! Take the constructive criticism and use it to improve and ignore the haters.

bocodamondo responds:

thank you :)
accepting critic as one of the musts of an animator ^^

I really enjoyed this. Being a huge DBZ fan , I was skeptical. But as it progress I started to get a feel for this "multiverse" and I look forward to seeing how it plays out. I really enjoy the fact you skipped DBGT. That should never have existed. Thank you.

My only complaints are as follows:

1. The subs go by way too fast. Although it wasnt a problem reading it all, it took away from the animation. I just wasnt able to focus on the time you spent crafting these characters look and animations.

2. Voice actors would help too and would fix problem number one. But, I'd rather read subtitles than to hear crappy voice-overs.

3. There isn's a second part yet......come on!!!!!!!!! lol

Thank you for this, I hope to see more from you soon. But dont rush becuase of demands. Take your time and give this the attention and detail it needs.

it was awesome, just a one thing that made it less than perfect,
1) you need voice actors and more sound in general such as ambient sounds and music.
other than that

you did AMAZING art and in many times looks very similar if not identical to the original DBZ series. I am eager to see more from you. this is just awesome

At first, I saw this was the only one and thought: "Oh, I should have known!" then, I saw the date here and it's understandable. This is great, I am waiting for the next one. Take your time. 4 stars for 2 reasons.

1. No voices. (Except for the clock) Sorry, but I like it better. Don't freak out, okay? BTW, I saw what you said that you'll have voices in the next episode.
2. The text scrolls a little fast. It's kinda hard to read it and keep up with the animations at the same time.

bocodamondo responds:

lol why should i freak out ^^ infact those 2 reasons are exactly what everyone else is complaining about with good reasons. wich means episode 2 will have voices with slower subtitles thats for sure