Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

I do like it.
The only thing left you need is voice actors if you planed to bring some in.
If not it is good as it is.

I´ll wait for the next part.^^

bocodamondo responds:

they will be on EP2 ^^
thanks dude :3


This is a very cool idea. I'm glad that you're making it into a series. Great job so far. Thank you so much for sharing =)

You've got two things going for this, my friend, and thats the animation and bgm. It really is well done, it looks great. The subtitles go too fast sometimes so make sure you give the longer lines some more time so we can read them. I understand why you went with subtitles: hearing amateur voice actors replace the classic voices would almost insult some fans, but if you keep this going for awhile, you may even get sean schemmel and chris sabat to pitch in on this. It's got lots of potential friend,
good luck!

bocodamondo responds:

"Lanipator" sounds exactly like christian sabat...but i think he will not help me...well NOT if i pm him at least...i wish i had good contacts :CCCCCC

i thought gohan killed cell