Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

Lame gogeta uses big bang Kamehameha! Vegito uses Final Kamehameha!

I'm pleasantly surprised; most animations for DBZ that I've seen on this sight are either well animated OR have good character design. You've managed to do both. There is room for improvement, but considering that the character design improves with the later videos. The only complaints I have are nit-pic:
1. The text moves along rather quickly. I had no trouble keeping up personally because I usually read quicker than most people, but most do not and as a result would spend more time focusing on the text rather than the video itself.
2. Some of the dialog is a tad incorrect in terms of spelling. It's not so bad that it cannot be understood, so don't worry about it to much.

Now, onward to the next video ^_^

The grammar is awful on the info page in the beginning. Of all the technical things you do right, why mess up something so easy?

This movie is incredible in all other ways.

bocodamondo responds:

i agree. the grammar at the preloader IS cringeworthy ... my english isnt my native language, so im still learning it year by year

Good effort man, looking forward to the rest.

Been reading for a while, I watched this out of curiosity expecting crap, but I think this was pretty well done for just one guy. I like the loader in particular. Keep polishing those skills.