Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

You've got two things going for this, my friend, and thats the animation and bgm. It really is well done, it looks great. The subtitles go too fast sometimes so make sure you give the longer lines some more time so we can read them. I understand why you went with subtitles: hearing amateur voice actors replace the classic voices would almost insult some fans, but if you keep this going for awhile, you may even get sean schemmel and chris sabat to pitch in on this. It's got lots of potential friend,
good luck!

bocodamondo responds:

"Lanipator" sounds exactly like christian sabat...but i think he will not help me...well NOT if i pm him at least...i wish i had good contacts :CCCCCC

Room For LOTS of Improvements -

-Spell grammer needs work; especially with the word pepole ( forgot to add the "H"...OH WAIt, its people, lol).

-Need some voice ( shouldn't be hard to get)

- Music needs improvements ( reminds me play my 16-bit genesis system, lol)

- Animation need slight improvement.

Overall -

its good but hope to see better improvements if your planning to make this a LONG term project and to satisfy Salagir and Gogeta JR.

Good Luck ::thumbs Up::


It looks like it has great potential and I can't wait til the next episodes. One thing I did see was Prince Vegeta turn into a Super Saiyan with Nappa next to him. It may be explained later from his universe but it was something that caught my attention since he couldn't until after Nappa was long dead. Also the Gotenks idea was very very smart lol.
It won't let me choose any stars but i choose 4/5

bocodamondo responds:

those saiyans do have they own story and its one minor differnt which changed everything. kakarot never fell on his head. with it ofcourse he never became goku and killed all humans. so at the moment when raditz came to earth. kakarot didn fight & kill him, he joined them as long with vegeta & nappa as they get to namek . there at the fight with frieza. since vegetas pride wasnt broken due no "goku" existence he succeded to turn into super saiyan instead of failing like in U18. and so he killed frieza

I like the idea behind this, it has a good story so far.

I have a few complaints, but i'm sure everyone has already made them.

1. planets arent shaded balls with ms paint lines around them.
- if you can draw Goku you can do that
2. kamahamaha is not big bang attack
3. voice actors or rather why did you only have the clock say anything
4. have someone oversee your English, it needs help.
5. spell check

Other than those minor things, it is an interesting idea and i would love to see this continued. Please keep some of this in mind when creating your next submission and I'm sure you will draw more credit to yourself as an animator. Keep up the good work!

It´s really amazing, probably not professional. But it Rocks!

I´m JohanDark the artist of the Special Universe 1 of Dragon Ball Multiverse. (the one of the Kaioshins that is now been published in Multiverse).

My only critic would be that there are some moments that you stop the animation... basically when there is the kame ha or the big bang attacks... and then when there is a conversation with the vargas you go really Fast and it´s hard to follow reading.

Congratulations for your effort! ;) But don´t be hurry... try to make great art before do faster art... People would apreciate it more! ;) and you are doing a great job. Thanks!

bocodamondo responds:

oh hey ^^ yeah im watching your special sor. its pretty good :)

.but yeah your critic is right. however this is just my first try ofcourse. and since i read all the critics from all the guys here
i know what i did wrong here . wich of course will result me to avoid those in Episode 2 to make it better :)