Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

it was ok i didnt mind the no voices part but the animation could use a bit of work
P.S. i love freezas face when broly shows up O{}o lol

I'm pretty sure only Gogeta can preform Big Bang Kamehameha. Any why Cell?

I think that was Awesome! kudos brotha, I want to animate like you!
I really loved how you created your own dragonball z like characters.
some of it I have to admit was a little poorly drawn but it was epic none the less. keep it up.

bocodamondo responds:

psst! hey. try to google "Dragon Ball Multivers" ;P

vegetto cant perform the Big Bang kame ha, it's Gogeta :P, but the awesome was funny and awesome, good job

Everyone's saying you need some voice, but you don't if you don't want to.
The story sounds pretty awesome so far, I can't wait to see the next episode....
The animation is also awesome, you put a good amount of detail in the backgrounds, but Goku looks kinda funny. :S