Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

I give this episode a 3/5. The animation was excellent and the story is interesting too. I don't take out points for not adding voice acting because this is your video, and you have chioces to put voice or not. (But it be cool to add voices) But like what everone is saying, the words in the video does go fast to keep up with and the animation. And that really the only thing that is bad. So this is my review, I hope you learn and keep improving. 3/5 stars

its awsome its nice that your going to have voices for the next episode (also i did read the manga).

At first, I saw this was the only one and thought: "Oh, I should have known!" then, I saw the date here and it's understandable. This is great, I am waiting for the next one. Take your time. 4 stars for 2 reasons.

1. No voices. (Except for the clock) Sorry, but I like it better. Don't freak out, okay? BTW, I saw what you said that you'll have voices in the next episode.
2. The text scrolls a little fast. It's kinda hard to read it and keep up with the animations at the same time.

bocodamondo responds:

lol why should i freak out ^^ infact those 2 reasons are exactly what everyone else is complaining about with good reasons. wich means episode 2 will have voices with slower subtitles thats for sure

great job with this.
keep going with the actual comic do not do the specials.
at least not until the comic is finished.

bocodamondo responds:

actuarly. i will do the specials too. i mean if i leave them out. i will come to where to comic is right now very fast. (i also will made them with akira toriyama style and not with the special artist own style like vegito . bojack or bibidi special

mediocre. Good try.

bocodamondo responds:

its funny because i dont even know what medicore means xDD