Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

I love this! The animation isn't perfect, and I wish you had voices. But this is still really awesome but I'd be nice to add voices, and better animation. But you're only one guy and this is amazing, must of taken a lot of work. I'll give it 4/5

man i don t know how to say this but i like dbm it so freaking cool

"WARNING: this flash is nothing awesome or epic! so dont expect much..but i guess this enough to sadisfite DBM fans who really wants to watch the manga animated."
NO! This IS awesome or epic! I definitely would continue to watch these! Creativity like this is amazing!

nice i read the original manga, its cool to animate it

nice dude. cant wait for the next one! one question, is this a made up story or is this a story in a manga series already?