Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

Not bad! It's good to see your skill with animating has come a long way. Good luck with your continued works!

Quite an interesting concept you made with this flash.

It was good but it was mission something Extremely important The Screaming it's not Dragon Ball without screaming... and maybe use some dialogue from the actual show in the flash.
The art and sound effects were great. nice job looking forward to seeing more :)

bocodamondo responds:

yeah the voices ^^ . i really want them too but. this comic got alot of characters..LIKE ALOT!
if im going to hire voice actors..then im going to need atleast like 7 voice actors and 4 Voice actress X_x and they also have to stay with me and not later saying im out >;C

...but yeah il see if i can put voices later (IF I CONTINUE THIS!)

The animation is pretty well done, except for the walking and flying animation, which is a bit stiff. Nonetheless, well done.