Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

I loved it like it is, without voices is better, it's like animated manga, what anime is supposed to be lol.
For when a sequel?

It was really hard for me to get into this at first. There's no character voices, and the dialogue has spelling and grammatical errors abound. The fluid animation kept me going. But then I realized that you came up with an amazing plot idea. And I realize this is your first episode. If you were to continue this, your skills would surely improve, and you could add extra features. I would love to see you continue this series, not only to see what happens at this tournament, but also to see your progress as a flash artist. To be honest, I haven't been this excited about a flash series at it's inception since SMBZ.

Keep up the great work!

bocodamondo responds:

thanks but....the plot is not my idea. it is awesome but not mine
this flash animation is based around a fanmanga of DBZ from 2 french fans called salagir & Gogeta JR
(if you wan to spoil the plot xD) you can check it out

but thanks for the rest of the critic ill keep it in mind

This is one of the best DBZ videos I have seen! The use of classic DBZ sound effects was great, animation was spot on, and explanation of everything was easy to follow. It would sound epic with voices I reckon, hmm if you wanted to add in voices maybe you could ask some of the famous voice actors on newgrounds like ricepirate, sure they would love to help with such a master piece. Probably keep the subtitles on also and in the next video maybe keep them just for a few more seconds, mainly the ones where a lot is said in regards to the story or longer lines. BUT SERIOUSLY AMAZING JOB! I have watched many series on newgrounds and this is THE MOST I AM LOOKING FORWARD TOO! After a very very long time, I am speechless at how amazing it is.

5/5 5/5 favorites and subscribed :D, keep it up!

bocodamondo responds:

hehe thanks for critic and advice :)
but i dont think ricepirate going to help me on this thou ^^

Pretty good. You just need to work on the subtitling a little and correct the spelling if you want to keep it with subtitles. If you want to add voices later on, I would be very careful in the voice actors, as some people are very sensitive about how authentic voice actors have to sound.

BTW, great choice in picking DBM. I love that webcomic! :D

bocodamondo responds:

yeah...that really annoying if thers voices..
but that guy..;ehm...ah! majin ryan also started to use voices later and pepole liked it ^^.... i think o_o

thanks! DBM is really awesome! from the first moment i saw it. i spent an entire day reading the entire thing and i loved it <3

Instead of half assing and always saying " this is nothing awesome or epic! so dont expect much.."
Why don't you spend an appropriate amount of time and effort on something so you don't have to say that.

Anyways, about the animation. There was no life to it. Still shots with gaping mouths dropping up and down. Plus no voices?

Use more body language, frame by frame animation, and audio.

bocodamondo responds:

half assing? O I C:
thats because as i start making this...i was never expecting it to take me that much time...and effort!
i thought i just made something small for fun...well at the end it turned out that big. thats exactly why thers no voice....and why should i make better mounth animation if thers not even voice????

say whatever you want about life buddy. but thats exactly how DBZ is., even in real anime its like that...so why should i make a DBZ flash different then DBZ itself?