Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

Defiantly an animation worth looking forward to.
Finding some good voice actors would be nice though.
I expect the animation like all to get better with time.
3.5 stars
4 rating.

This is acutally pretty interesting, It's sorta like a little continuation of the Dragonball series by preceding from GT. The animation wasn't perfect but it could use a little bit of work, the subtitles were a bit too fast so try to make it into a pace where we can all read it and look at the video too instead of just reading the subtitles. Another thing that would be a geat addition to this is some voice acting in there, then it'd be really good. I tihnk the art can be improved as well but it's decent. I think this was pretty interesting overall though, I just hope you can continue doing animations of this Dragonball series. That's all I got for you right now, hoped I helped you.

Some plot holes, a lot of text issues with both spelling and speed... fix those and you're all good.
Overall, a good job!

pretty good the art style is very good just if u gonna keep subtitles it never hurts to slow it down and check the spelling a few times and you'll be good :D

You sir, have made my life complete. I always wanted to see some what if battles.