Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

extremely good, and well written out, but please, slow the text down XD at least by a fraction, i was having difficulty reading that fast

when the aliens were typing there hands crossed

I like it it just needs to have voices of the chatracters. But I understand you probably couldn't find the right voices or the characters.

this is really good
much better than expected, this is truly a must of been a long thinking prosses. animation isn't the best and yeah voice acting really would've ,ade this much better than it acualy is but that's not the reson why I kept on watching, It was the really exelent story telling and sinking each charicter personallity perfectly. my best thing to say is ur best desione for the series is use the gt charicters so you feel like it's a dragon ball Z episode but with GT charicters.
The music choice were brilent once again because they fit the mood and it was just a joy to listen to them all. your story telling made my score way higher then it needs to be but it really desirve this prase the animation in the begining really through me off but after that stupid clock left it was perfect story telling
way from perfect because the animatoin and dare I say it NO VOICE ACTING
most of the time I can survive and forget about it but this story needs it that's my biggest complanet and it feels stupid about it.
keep up the good work

While I admit I would love voices, this is an incredibly awesome animation, so it's certainly nothing I's complain about. The art is nearly as good as the art from the actual comic, and the effects and sound are excellent. I look forward to seeing more!