Reviews for "Dragon Ball Multiverse 1"

it was awesome, just a one thing that made it less than perfect,
1) you need voice actors and more sound in general such as ambient sounds and music.
other than that

you did AMAZING art and in many times looks very similar if not identical to the original DBZ series. I am eager to see more from you. this is just awesome

nice work on the series just wished u wud have put gohan im the terniment. i hated wut thay did to gohan in gt gohan kicks ass
well ceap up the good work

I have vto say I am rather impressed, not the best dragonball animation I have seen but you did a great job with the static portion.Story was so so but bearable,I hope to see a great wrap up. Keep it coming. The only thing which tome would have been cool but only my opinion as I am a fan of the Japanese Ost track would have been the Japanese Scores but that is just me.

bocodamondo responds:

i love japanesse OST more then the US ones too ^^

Amazing animation , one question though Are you looking for voice actors? if so i could send a few samples.

This series does have some good potential, but I would suggest putting in a click to continue option on the dialog. It skimmed by so rapidly, I only got the basic gist of how the story goes, which can be a problem in future episodes. I'd like to know what's going on instead of just watching the action. Still, the drawing and animation are quite good, eagerly awaiting the next part.