Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

I liked the concept, lots of explosions like Metal Slug Game, but you should do stages larger-scrolling with around 60 secs and perhaps gunners and slow you when got hit

However, this made me search for hacked flash websites so I have time to explode everything.

Really good, but too fast. BTW, I need some help with the medals to destroy the Sun and Newgrounds... (PM me, please)

fun game. played it for a while and it stays fun. simple yet there are some tactics involved to get a high score. I love the implication of the NG scoreboard, wouldnt have played it so long without that.

music, style, movement, powerups all very nicely done

Hint for the last secret medal; be nice & chill out for one level

I'd like to see some upgrades...

I've won like 3-4 achievements and it doesnt show I won them. Sort of glitchy. :/