Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

I like the idea though short but sweet. I think this would hit it off as a great game the controls are workable for what it was. If you could give a little more precision to the aiming system, that would be awesome! And boss levels would be a good idea! Also if you refresh the page after playing the medals you've won will show up. 4 and half stars for not quite being the real thing but you're getting there!

great game :D

Got all medals except the SECRET MEDAL one.

I liked the concept, lots of explosions like Metal Slug Game, but you should do stages larger-scrolling with around 60 secs and perhaps gunners and slow you when got hit

However, this made me search for hacked flash websites so I have time to explode everything.

Really good, but too fast. BTW, I need some help with the medals to destroy the Sun and Newgrounds... (PM me, please)