Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

Really nice flash game,you can spend 10 min playng this and have archivementes,it´s a normal fun game,well designed,well done.

How to summarise this? Really quick, really loud, really violent (but not too violent), really... really... good! That's the word; good! Especially for one of those "I'm bored"-projects!
Could use a story, but hey, SSBB and co. didn't really have that tight a story, so it shows you can make it with just a good game. After all, it's a game, not a darned film! :D Still, it keeps it just that tad away from a perfect score in my book. But hey, I always round off upwards in the voting, so to speak. ;)
Again, good job!

I like the idea though short but sweet. I think this would hit it off as a great game the controls are workable for what it was. If you could give a little more precision to the aiming system, that would be awesome! And boss levels would be a good idea! Also if you refresh the page after playing the medals you've won will show up. 4 and half stars for not quite being the real thing but you're getting there!

Pretty solid gameplay and effects, if you make it so you need to unlock later levels with a certain score that would have bumped up the playability and replay value a lot, as well as giving the player more to look forward to and make goals.

fun game. played it for a while and it stays fun. simple yet there are some tactics involved to get a high score. I love the implication of the NG scoreboard, wouldnt have played it so long without that.

music, style, movement, powerups all very nicely done

Hint for the last secret medal; be nice & chill out for one level