Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

It seems like a good idea, but the general gameplay isn't that interesting.
What I suggest is making it to where you can shoot a lot faster.

WAAAAAAAAY too short. 15 seconds is not enough for 1 level. Besides that its ok but not that great.
I like the visuals but the gameplay is a bit lacking. Gets boring a bit quickly.
You did very nicely on the visual art though.

SinclairStrange responds:

It's supposed to be quick and short. Was planning on making it feel like you've just injected heroine in ya face :P. I do have more stuff planned for a future release.

It was okay, but it seemed to me like it had some problems. It was kind of slow-paced; I would jab frantically at the keys but the rate of fire of the weapons was really slow, so it hardly felt like I was destroying anything. Also, compared to the high scores, my scores are very small--there must be something in the game I'm not understanding, which is frustrating.

Hmmmm... just hold down buttons and hope for the best.
Was expecting more, but sadly there wasn't much to be had

not too good