Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

It's a good game, it really can take out a bit of stress. The only thing that I would have done for is some way of losing a level or maybe medals for achieving scores. Sometimes the colours are a little much too

Good idea, nice graphics, but really poorly made... I mean, 15 second? what the hell were thinking? if there were things such upgrades or something like that, it would be a great game! the most annoyng thing is the side shoot, slow and useless. sorry for the bad review , I just wanted to give you some advice to make a ''playable'' game. 3/5

Its pretty fun but the controls are a little awkward

Love the concept, but the character is MUCH too slow. Work on the action mechanics, and this will be a blast!

after playing 30 seconds, i got 4 medeals........ thanks?