Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

This game blew my mind I thought it was gonna be decent but it turned our to be really cool! :D
Love the music and the graphics were cute!~
The game hurts my eyes after a while but hey that's what the explosion setting is for!
Really well done hope to see more from you~ :DD

SinclairStrange responds:

Aww thanks! I'm glad ya liked the game! Means a lot to me seriously :3


SinclairStrange responds:


lol fun games!

SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks! =)

cool game is great animation

SinclairStrange responds:

Cheers! Glad ye found it cool :3

Like you said, it is a pretty short game. But don't let the shortness deter you guys from playing it. The animation is brilliant. The explosions are pretty... explosive. It's a good thing you added an option to tone it down. It was starting to hurt my eyes.

The controls were very fluid. So I honest to god, appreciated that. But what I loved most was probably the music itself. Who did the soundtrack? If possible you should put up the credits for the music, and/or have a link to where I can get the sounds for it.

All and all, it was a very good game. Keep it up, maybe for the next sequel have a storyline or increasing difficult waves of enemies.

SinclairStrange responds:

Aye, the main reason I wanted to make it short was just to test out the idea and see if it would get a good reaction. (Didn't want to over complicate it ect, ect.) If/when I make a sequel I've got stuff planned like, story mode, characters and weapon customization. I made the music so I thought there be no need for adding me name in the credits :P. If people start asking for the music I don't mind uploaded a version to the audio portal =). Really glad ye liked the game!