Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

lol fun games!

SinclairStrange responds:

Thanks! =)


SinclairStrange responds:


wow i thought dis would be fun but no and WHY dont teh medals work?!?!?!?!?!?! FIX IT!

SinclairStrange responds:

Yes they do work.
Look at ya profile. :P

I think thst is a great game!But Are you sure that the medals works?
5 stars!

SinclairStrange responds:

I'm very sure because you've got some.
Glad ye like the game though! ^-^

How to summarise this? Really quick, really loud, really violent (but not too violent), really... really... good! That's the word; good! Especially for one of those "I'm bored"-projects!
Could use a story, but hey, SSBB and co. didn't really have that tight a story, so it shows you can make it with just a good game. After all, it's a game, not a darned film! :D Still, it keeps it just that tad away from a perfect score in my book. But hey, I always round off upwards in the voting, so to speak. ;)
Again, good job!