Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

Good idea, nice graphics, but really poorly made... I mean, 15 second? what the hell were thinking? if there were things such upgrades or something like that, it would be a great game! the most annoyng thing is the side shoot, slow and useless. sorry for the bad review , I just wanted to give you some advice to make a ''playable'' game. 3/5

There seems to be a problem with the Medals, despite completing the required goal, there not unlocking

What is the second secret medal ? DX

Pretty solid gameplay and effects, if you make it so you need to unlock later levels with a certain score that would have bumped up the playability and replay value a lot, as well as giving the player more to look forward to and make goals.

I didn't care too much for this, because it was just a single level with a guy shooting stuff up. Now, I will give you credit because it actually was nice to see a cute character do that. It's just that it's something that isn't that innovative or anything. There are so many games out there, I'm always looking for unique stuff. It would work out a lot better if there were different levels and different ways to play. I tried to shoot upward, but it didn't work.

It seems like you had a fun time with this as the designs are nice. I guess the character should have had more mobility and could shoot at a bigger variety of things. Just have fun with it and add all sorts of interesting things. The sounds and music are nicely done. At least everything is done in a colorful manner.