Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

Fun, but the 15 seconds kind of ruins it. I know the point is a quick time and high score, but 15 seconds... that's just not enough. This was still fun though.

I like the idea though short but sweet. I think this would hit it off as a great game the controls are workable for what it was. If you could give a little more precision to the aiming system, that would be awesome! And boss levels would be a good idea! Also if you refresh the page after playing the medals you've won will show up. 4 and half stars for not quite being the real thing but you're getting there!

Hmmmm... just hold down buttons and hope for the best.
Was expecting more, but sadly there wasn't much to be had

I've won like 3-4 achievements and it doesnt show I won them. Sort of glitchy. :/

Seems a little glitchy