Reviews for "Cute Explosions"

Really good, but too fast. BTW, I need some help with the medals to destroy the Sun and Newgrounds... (PM me, please)

I liked the concept, lots of explosions like Metal Slug Game, but you should do stages larger-scrolling with around 60 secs and perhaps gunners and slow you when got hit

However, this made me search for hacked flash websites so I have time to explode everything.

deserves mai 5!

addictive and fun. medals didn't work though....

SinclairStrange responds:

The medals should work fine?
But I'm glad ye found it addictive and fun!
(I noticed on ya profile the medals unlock fine :P)

Not too bad, the graphics and gameplay are good but the medals don't pop up so its hard to know what you have got until you refresh really. More levels would be good or characters to kill with?

SinclairStrange responds:

I didn't want to medals to pop up because it'd add more confusion to the already explosion pack'd screen.
Aye, I've left some room for stuff like that for if/when I make a sequel =)
Glad ya found it ok :3