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Reviews for "DN8:Pulse"

Wow really nice sequel and great game. A little hard. Enjoyed a lot.
Have fun

How the hell do you get the secret medals?
Anyway, here are my ratings of perks.
5 Lives : Because I'm a beginner, so I could quite need this. Sometimes useless on easy levels.
Double XP : Ranking fun. Useless when you get all the perks.
Double Graze : Helps me get quick lives. Useful for the harder levels.
Double Shield : Harder levels, this will be nice for you to save yourself from the first hits.
Rear Diagonal : Haven't tried this yet. Dunno.
Homing Missiles : Great when you want to deal some additional damage on the bosses. On Boss Rush it's perfectly useful.

How Get Secret Medal!

Squize responds:

The best way is to give me a piss low review... oh you did, it should unlock for you now.

Very fun and visually pleasing game! The gameplay was just shy of being repetitive, which in my opinion is the best half-way point between frustration and boredom. The endless barrage of sweet sweet eye candy isn't a minus either, and the game was just challenging enough to be addicting.

A couple things, however, took away from the game a bit.

For one thing, throughout my entire first playthrough, I was clicking between the perk and "talent tree" menus, wondering, "where the hell is this challenges page and why do I keep getting random ones??". It was only after I beat the game that I saw the page on the MAIN menu. So, if you could please, add the challenges menu into the in-between-battles screen.

Also, the "talent tree" is... not unbalanced, per say, but perhaps... unduly strict. It was after I chose the Double Shot for the first branch that realized there was absolutely no going back, even for talents just one back, which made my life incredibly miserable because without shields I always get pummeled into space dust no more than 2 or 3 minutes into each fight, so I had to start over. That said, maybe you could institute a more lenient system of choosing talents? Maybe a system of buying them instead of strictly PICK THIS OR THE OTHER, NO TAKEBACKS. Or at least add a warning saying that <-----

Overall, a really well-done shoot-em-up space top-shooter, nothing INCREDIBLY innovating but fun nevertheless. Good work.

Squize responds:

Great review, thanks.

That's a good point about the challenges screen, something we'll factor into future games.

Woaw great !
A very cool soft with a smart "Grazing System" who's greatly increases the quality of play.
The weapons upgrade system is pretty well thought out, especially being able to choose between an offensive or defensive gameplay.
But there are some negatives :
_ The difficulty is too easy on most of the game, you must wait for the last 4-5 levels for a challenge.
_ The perks are pretty useless (except 2x XP and 2x GRAZE to reach faster the RANK 50)
_ The patterns of bosses are too repetitive, and the bosses themselves are too repetitive
_ The drones are... more boring than anything else : especially for grazing

Finally, there is music that I do not like but it is only my opinion, most of it sticks well to the game so why not...
Basically: good game with that opportunity!
Congratulations, I will look forward your future games!

(Pardon my english I'm French !)

Squize responds:

Thanks for the review mate, and your English is great :)