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Reviews for "DN8:Pulse"

This game is a nice spin off, however we need an option to turn off all that glow so we can SEE what we're trying to dodge. Kind of annoying when you kill an enemy and the explosion glow blocks out a few bullets that are going to kill you >.>

Great game! I just need a hint for the secret medal... if you know how to get it, PM me, please.

The game is really good and addicting, i played for hours until e got all the challenges, the only downside that i couldnt give this straight's 5/5 is because the challenges medal got bugged, it popped out in me screen, but it doesnt display on my account, too bad... But still, great game, keep it like that!

Pretty good game overall,I got every medal out of thegamebut the secret achievement(I can't fgure out what it is x.x). Having to go back to the main menu or the challenges got a bit annoying. One part I did not like about this game was that it was barely any different than the last game and the area for the graze to take effect wasn't as easy to tell where it was compared to the last game.
Being able to start a new game without losing your challenge progress was a nice touch and it allowed me to take he harder path when I felt like it. I do recommend that for your next game that you should change the game more than just the gaphics and a few extra challenges if you plan on making this sort of game again.

Cant read all acheavements, but nice game!
...altho I never knew when I was hit =D