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Reviews for "DN8:Pulse"

love it also love how i got the gold ship for beating outpost haven

I can tell you really took to our advice. Everything that was wrong with the first one was fixed in this one. It was a little easy since I played the first one, my advice in that case is to find some way to make the next one much different, replace graze with a perk like killing x enemies in a row slows down the enemies and their bullets while your ship stays at the same speed.

I know you don't want the game to be to hard, but honestly the graze function makes the game to easy, even with the protective pods I was able to graze my way through many levels.

Anyways. This game is very impressive, it is in fact very well rounded in all game senses, graphics, music, gameplay etc. Great work!

bad-ass upgrade game really nice software

Great game, but I find it funny that my pods are more powerfull and better than my ship, why the ship doesn't have the pod powers? But again, great game.. nice upgrades.... but something I would not recommend to epileptics lol

Very nice. Just a bit disappointed by the weak/weird sounds and low explosion amounts when knocking down enemies, especially bosses.

Squize responds:

Thanks for the review.
With the sound effects we couldn't really have normal explosions in there, there are so many baddies being killed at once that it would just be over-powering.
We did want Rez like sounds in there, that every baddie kill would add to the tune, but I left it too late ( And then realised it would be hard to do, and the music would need re-doing which wasn't possible ).