Reviews for "Interactive Charmander"

It's really quite adorable. It'd be nice if their were a few more 'relationship/feeling' status things, and if maybe there was an option to stroke the tail as well as pull on it. Also, the friendship bar up top, it'd be nice if it still moved across the screen.
Also, just something to take into consideration if you have the time and ability to do it, that maybe you could prolong the game and get more people interested in it if there was an option to evolve charmander, or maybe choose one of the other starters.

I really didn't see the point with the interactive pokemon. After a few minutes you've pretty much done everything with the pokemon and exceed 100 (or less than -100) and the bar stops moving. There's no sound, which for something like this would be nice. I do like the graphics though, they're very nicely done (the hearts are adorable). I would like to see maybe new interactions added the more you interact or have the pet change some how. Also the Male/Female buttons are able to both be activated at the same time.

No reward for high friendship, and no anti-reward for negative friendship. Only 6 interactions that can all be explored in under 30 sec. There is no reason to even bother "playing" once youve done all 6 actions.