Reviews for "Trollpocalypse 2012"

I honestly have no clue whether to take this seriously or not, but it gave me a good laugh, and if this is really how the world is supposed to end this year, then I should thank you for having warned me... (I guess?)

The animation could have been worked on a bit better, a lot of it looked looped, and could have done with a little fine-tuning at certain parts to make it look like more effort went in, but other than that, you can tell that this is didn't take too long to make.

The music went well, though it was way too midi-like, and out of personal dislike for hearing midis in animations, that's part of my overall complaint of the quality too.

The idea I liked, and if it *was* animated better, it really could have been something.

Keep up the good work, and hopefully you'll get better.