Reviews for "Pirateers"

Great game, pleasant graphics, good controls, not too hard and not too easy. It kept me playing for hours, until I got all the medals, which is always the sign of a well designed and well executed game. One thing I think could have been improved is to make the price rises slightly less steep, as it meant that advancement got slower and slower rather quickly...

I did have a recurrent bug - every now and again the game would start hiding my mouse, which made game play (especially on the menus) rather difficult, so I had to restart.

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Awesome game! HOW the heck do you kill the kraken.
I know kill the smaller dudes first, get shield down, but i keep getting blowin up

Fantastic Game. Great Music, Art, Gameplay, Medals, Storyline, this game has it all. Very well put together, and there are so many elements to the game, it's not as simple as some might first think.

Only complaint was that I didn't understand the marketplace at first, as in, the prices on certain items change each day. That wasn't obvious at the start of the game.

In terms of replay value, I probably won't play it again with the other ships, just because the game took so long to beat. Maybe if you are stuck on including these other ships, they can be ships that are available within the first game? Just a suggestion.

::Spoiler Alert Below::

How to beat the Kraken. Some people were wondering this. It's simple, circle around the map, avoiding the borders, which do damage, and use the fireballs to take out the smaller Krakens. This will break the shield. Then you can circle the main Kraken, and take him out with your main cannons. You will need to Tortoise Shell for this, because you need to be able to take a lot of damage, there is no way to maneuver around the bullets, this isn't a bullet hell game. Once I had the full shell, I beat the Kraken in one try.

Amazing game! I finally beat the kraken thanks to Djpraiseadelik somewhere around the 4th page! He stored a lot of useful information into that one comment!

If you didn't read the beginning, THIS IS A SPOILER!!!