Reviews for "Pirateers"

very addictive..!!

Not bad, i quite enjoyed it. simple fun game.

after the end credits and story, the screen just went black with the bg music playing, maybe it's just me.
I never got the chance to try out the Avemaria :(

it was nice but i dont like people telling me to like them to get gold. that makes me not like you.

Very good game. Reminds me of Pirates! back on the C64. I did notice however that during the destroy the fort quests, if the fort drops something after it is destroyed then it gets stuck on the island with no way to pick it up. Might throw in something like if there is a collision between loot and land then the loot moves towards the water.

I really liked it, reminded me of a game I tried to make a long time ago.

There were a few things I didn't like tho;

- No penalty for death, once realized you can just rush in, guns blazing it makes combat less appealing. Knowing when your outmatched and having to worry about the consequence of staying and fighting, 1: makes the battle more gratifying when you win and 2: Makes the player have more thought than "run in, shoot, if I die ill just re-spawn so gg"
- Scaling on items/upgrades... from what I saw, most things costed the same amount of gold at every level so its slow to level up at the start but faster later on when you start earning more gold. Having the game give more at the start makes it more appealing and once the player is committed to the game it makes saving up for the later ranks more rewarding.
- The screen size was way too small... im not sure if its just me but i had to sit extra close just to experience it properly. would have loved this full screen!

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to play most of the game. So if the game does scale and combat gets more strategic towards the end, my pardon.

Great game, I actually took the time to write more than "Wow I like pirates!!" so im not trying to down this game, just improvements that could be for the better.

looking forward to the next installment.