Reviews for "Pirateers"

Enemys pick up my treasure for me and i sill get it lol

New ship should be to be bought with gold.
Wrecking ship should be punished with loan or losing of money.
Map of the area would be nice too.
Handling hangs, on low performance machines (quality option needed?).

Nice pirate game, leveling pretty typical.

Great game with great controls, but there is one annoyance.

Golden treasure chests gotten from starting a treasure hunt quest at the top do NOT count towards Expert Digger achievement. I must've gotten 30 chests before I realized what was going on. Only chests gotten while doing quests obtained by the dropped maps will count.

Either allow all golden chests to count or be more specific in the achievement. Again, great game other than that.

after I started watching OP I love every pirate movie/game/music/video