Reviews for "Pirateers"

I'm new to this game can anyone tell me how to save my progress? tanking in advance

Really fun at the beginning and great game. I would eventually rated it 4/5, but after playing it more time, I must review my opinion.

But in my opinion, there's still lot of stuffs to improve :
- With the difficulty level (it(s too hard, for ex. : the kraken, srsly ?)
- The upgrades things is really too slow after the first or 2 levels. And weapons are not really different to change gameplay.
- it's too slow in the sea without missions (event with level 5 on speed).
- And it's quite repetitive. vcariety would be great (Eventually 1 or 2 mission on Earth for treasure, or more storline, etc).

But except that, it's interesting. For me, you've just to work on a "2.0 version" to have a great game.

a great game but should be more easy.

I've never heard of pirates and the navy working together. >_<

This amazing blew my mind