Reviews for "Pirateers"

it is actually pretty easy to beat the kraken just keep griding till you buy everything then you win lol

This game's game-play is pretty much flawless and I have enjoyed several hours unlocking everything for the three ships. The only thing i would suggest adding is more ship types to add even more of a replay factor as well as more detailed aesthetics. It would be nice to visually see the upgrade when a new weapon is bought or armor upgrade such as beefier cannons and terrifyingly mountain like ship when fully upgraded. Just some thoughts, well done!

Amazing game! I finally beat the kraken thanks to Djpraiseadelik somewhere around the 4th page! He stored a lot of useful information into that one comment!

If you didn't read the beginning, THIS IS A SPOILER!!!

Super addicting game! I haven't gotten up from my chair in two hours...

So so fun. had a real blast! this is what a pirate game should be! a must play!

you should port this to android. would be so much fun compared to angry bird -_-