Reviews for "Pirateers"

A great game, was great on the run through, though I will say it's not a perfect game in the genre it's in. One of the most significant flaws in this game is the replayability, sadly. I went through the game enjoying the time till I pushed myself to acquire the mighty Battleship model, despite the stat bars stating otherwise, there's barely anything different with the two models. The normal ship you start off with gets an AP of 1,200 when fully upgraded and 47 Knots in speed, whereas the Avemaria gets 1,800 AP, and 39 Knots when upgraded, besides the two abilities (which one of them is basically similar, the Pirate Launcher disables enemy ships attacks, but doesn't stop them from moving. The Giant Fish net disables movement, but allows the enemies to still attack. Nice difference huh?) and the obvious cannons (you get +1 more cannon on each side on the Avemaria, basically the reason why it says it has so much "damage"), you really get nothing else. Another different point (and this one is going to be a pain, yet decent challenge) is the Avemaria's huge girth in size. In the very beginning, because of the ships terribly slow speed, and huge size, you'll become just an oversized floating duck 70% of the time, and you WILL die. A FUCKING LOT. You will gain a hating passion against the Shotgun Ships (the ones that basically blast out a huge amount of tiny cannonballs in a large AoE) and the Dragoon Ram Ships (the ones that look like swords and bulldozers), even the damn forts will be able to get a bead on you unless you get the speed upgrades. Kind of hilarious how the ship basically looks like it's going to make the game a walk in a park, when in reality it's going to give you more hell then the other ships at first. The Damage stat shouldn't be that high, seeing as the cannons or abilities have no damage increase at all. All of them are the exact same upgrades, the only difference is well..you shoot one more cannonball instead of 3 (probably if you shoot it right, it'll land all cannonballs on an enemy). So overall, great game initially, just 'bleh' in replayability, unless you love the challenge like me. Hopefully in the future if you make a game similar to this or update this one, give out a few more tweaks on the units to make them more unique. Other then that, can't wait for the next thing you whip out ^_^.

Wow I like pirates!!

love the game, but i'm getting a black screen right after i beat the kraken, and when i refresh the game i still don't have the new boat :(

game review would be 5 stars if you'd only let me keep playing!

The only problem was it lags every time after sailing

Very nice, only wish the upgrades were easier or more broad