Reviews for "Bounce Up Balls"

I must've spent at least 15 minutes playing this and I love the upgrades, however, it would be even better if there was more upgrades/customization, such as changing the colour of the balls, changing the background and different balls or power-ups. Perhaps a ball that explodes or a power-up that slows down time? Oh well, great time killer and I'm looking forward to updates to this game(if any).

Pretty fun. Longest I lasted was 129 seconds. The only advice I have is next time try to make the graphics a little less dull. Instead of just circles.

132 points

This is a nice, simple ball bouncing game. The graphics and controls work well. The medals work. I earned all of them.
My suggestions are: add more color, more music, and change the force upgrade. I think making the force upgrade work multiple times work be a great idea.
Will there be a sequel?

The longest I lasted was 145 seconds.

110secs and I just can't beat it.
It gets me so angry, love it!