Reviews for "Bounce Up Balls"

Pretty addicting

Graphics and animations:
Textile-kind balls and background look cute. :)
Sound and Music:
So-o-o-o... IMHO, this is not so good for ears, but it's tolerable.
Simple but no so boring, even challenging sometimes. That's great.

Good game. In particular, as online competition game or just time-killer.

I must've spent at least 15 minutes playing this and I love the upgrades, however, it would be even better if there was more upgrades/customization, such as changing the colour of the balls, changing the background and different balls or power-ups. Perhaps a ball that explodes or a power-up that slows down time? Oh well, great time killer and I'm looking forward to updates to this game(if any).

good and thanks for medals

Very addicting, very differant game indeed.