Reviews for "Bounce Up Balls"

132 points

Pretty fun. Longest I lasted was 129 seconds. The only advice I have is next time try to make the graphics a little less dull. Instead of just circles.

This is a very nicely made game.
*Music needs a little more variety, the same song gets annoying after a while.
*It's a bit dull, maybe a few more colours?
Quite hard to get the 120 second medal (although that isn't really a flaw)

*Smooth movement.
*Lots of upgrades for your ball.

This is very addictive, i'm having trouble getting the medals but that's because I kinda suck.

Simple and fun gameplay keeps me coming back to this. Overall a nice game.

Fantastic. It's very hard to earn "120 seconds" medal, even with all the upgrades. Obviously 5 stars, totally recommended.

Have fun.