Reviews for "Bounce Up Balls"

Simple yet fun, nice little challenge getting the 120 medal.

110secs and I just can't beat it.
It gets me so angry, love it!

This is a pretty nice keepy-uppy type of game to waste some time with.

It is very, very difficult to get the 120 seconds medal I have to say. After I upgraded enough to get the 90 seconds medal without too much trouble, upgrading didn't actually seem to help that much anymore. There are just too many balls coming in eventually and as I try to move around I just end up smashing a lot of balls downwards rather than keeping them up. It would perhaps be nice if you allowed us to upgrade a little bit more (especially for the speed upgrade) or if you just let less balls come in after the 90 seconds mark. Then again, apparently people are able to obtain the medal, so perhaps it's just me being terrible at this game.

Anyway, as for some improvements, you could perhaps consider making the graphics more fancy. Add some effects or something, because right now it all looked a little simplistic to me. Also, the music got annoying after a while, but I guess you already anticipated on that since you added a mute button. Lastly, maybe you can add some collectable power ups or something, like bombs that clear the screen or blast the balls away from you. Just an idea.

Overall 3 out of 5. A nice little time waster. Keep up the good work.


Highest score 165

This is a nice, simple ball bouncing game. The graphics and controls work well. The medals work. I earned all of them.
My suggestions are: add more color, more music, and change the force upgrade. I think making the force upgrade work multiple times work be a great idea.
Will there be a sequel?

The longest I lasted was 145 seconds.