Reviews for "Tankmen Theme-Metaljonus"


Now thats what I call a theme dude. Very darkish and and "end of time" feeling like. What kind of fx is that what you use in the beginning? "wobble"? It's kinda the same like in "brain damage" which is pretty neat.

Not much to say else hear. Good job dude and best of luck for the contest. :-P

Oh yeah, I'm pleased now **points to review of first entry ;)**


Fuck, thats cool as fuck. This would fit the theme for sure. But what I saw with the opening riffs, is a legion of the dead rising over a crest ready to destroy all they encounter.
I don't know. Whatever man, you play like fuck, and I like it alot. \m/ So ROCK ON\m/

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Amazing!!!! This sounds like a song from a big time mainstream game!!! OOMMGG!! THIS ROCKSSSS!! You got my attention for sure!!