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Reviews for "Kronos"

The animation was really smooth!! i likeed this animation style..hehe =P
keep it up!

Freaky man I like it!

I swear to god i saw the "doctor whos" time machine....it had to of been it!!

good music, syncs up great. plot was decent, but did end quite abrupt and seemed very weak for an ending. could of done a little better, put more thought into it. but all around i would say you did a fine job

Funny music; I like it.

The plot was a little short, and the ending was way too abrupt. I thought there would be some cool epic apocolypse attached to the end, and I'm still wondering where the middle would take you.

Besides that, not too shabby. Good job.

Well ... I think it is a good idea with those three doors "The End", "The Middle" and "The Beginning", but I think you should have added some indicator of which "The End" etc. it is. For example "The Beginning Of Time" or something like that. Without the description I wouldn't have known what this flash was about until the astronaut opened up one of the doors.

I don't see much more to improve else than those labels on the doors. After all, you did a good job and honestly ... you shouldn't set a deadline for yourself for any project. If you have to take finals in your school or elsewhere, take a break and concentrate on the finals. If you set a deadline, you'll probably rush and, also probably, ruin the entire project.

So ... take your time and keep up the good work.