Reviews for "Portal Panic"

Cool game. It's pretty fun to slip into the skins of the most beloved Newgrounds characters. It encouraged me to go back and re-familiarize myself with some of them. I liked the variety of the game. Level designs were cool and clever. Lots of laughs and fun to be had. Thanks.

ending made it all worth it

Great game, am gone play one more time because it's really good, music grafics are and the top, this time you make me enjoy to begin to end, the end...don't miss it it's EPIC jajaja Good job

Very very good game! Entertaining humor and good graphics through-out it all.
Sadly the ending was kinda low quality and poor.
And to add to this I did not get my achievement for defeating P-Bot.
But great overall!

THis game taught me how to love...by murder.