Reviews for "Portal Panic"

Amazing game! Great music, great controls and great concept on having the player have to use each characters special abilities. Not much I can say really but challenging and original.

Lots of bugs on the level that salad fingers can access on the right. If I go to the far right of the screen, I come off the map and have to restart. If i go far left, same thing... If I'm dad and go down from the start point, land on the block so it falls then head left and the block reappears, I am stuck and have to restart again!

i wish the ending was better!!!!! but overall very fun game. and yes.. salad fingers can kill people- by reflecting what's in their SOUL!!!!

whats the song name again in the level with the portals?

Its the best game yet of course anything with pico,p-bot,tankman is fun by me i don't judge games that much

LOL I love it when salad fingers brings out his dolls the baddies stop and face towards him and when he waves his arms they stop and face away.