Reviews for "Portal Panic"

I liked it, Especially salad finger's powers, and Dad destroying everything!
My one lament, I got all the other medals, but the one for beating P-Bot Didn't work...
Ok so maybe not one lament, but I'm not going to complain further... I had fun!

tell me guys plz tell me hwo to beat p-bot whit salad fingers that dushbag dont have acatcks he just paralise the p-bot and show hes stupid dolls wtf y see beter game then this and wtf when you hit p-bot the characters change the charecter shode be stile in battle note try to put alien hominid first atack is whit is plazma pistol and 2 atack show be whit is khife special power get donw but the game is cool you guys are lucky 5/5

LOL at the ending.

So, I went back several times into the comments to find out what I'm supposed to do with Salad Fingers on P-Bot, and it turns out his finger puppets DEFLECT PROJECTILES. Pass it on.

How is this game rated teen i enjoy the game but i think it shouldn't be teen

EPIC!!!But,I'm Getting Bored Already And I Haven't Even Gotten Dad Yet Because 've Already Gotten All The Character But I Deletd Them