Reviews for "Portal Panic"

I beat it, and I say - that was probably the weirdest ending I've ever seen. Well, still better ending then ME3.

Love this game,its really good(very short review xD)... :)

This game seems like it could have been a little better in some areas. One that comes to mind is how Dad works. If you there is a layer of sand above you that you need to destroy, it can become nearly impossible to do so as he has no upper range for some reason. If there are points where you can't get to a horizontal axis with the block, you are virtually screwed. Sure, you could always just restart the game, but you shouldn't ever have to do that. Spikes seemed a little awkward just since you could be standing on a platform yet still be damaged if you accidentally walked out too far. Not the best game in its Flash Genre.

wow i got all

the place that salad fingers was in took me forever