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Reviews for "Happy pico day!"

i like the first dancing part, it was funny jaja
but its not soo hard put a stop(); or gotoAndStop(); or even a gotoAndPlay();
anyway i dont really care i review this just because i am bored jaja

Not only did you use an awfully terrible song that made me want to tear my ears out, but also your Fulp bot's head is flashy and glitchy.

No effort, nothing interesting. I wouldn't recommend watching this to anybody.

deathink responds:

Gambit, didn't you read the discription... or are you punishing me for uploading it in the first place :D

Just because you asked for this to be blammed deathlink, guys he wants this to be blammed so rate 0 M'kay

deathink responds:

dude, i can't belive this passed, thanks for trying to help me anyway!

Head is blinking at the replay scene.

Wished there would have been more than dancing on black screen.

Make a Shuffleling whit all the classics of Newgrounds... and Tom Fulp puking rainbows for see it (i dont know how drug i just smoke... and even i dont smoke in my life!)