Reviews for "Pico Party Mayhem"

Very creative and fun but, it was SO HARD! I mean, I like challenges, but I couldn't win any of the minigames. (except for Big Brown Bary's Death Chase) Even so, it was fun to at least beat my own high score.
The menu/grapics/and sounds were assembled amazingly.
Good job!

Spudzy responds:

Thanks man! :)

nice lil minigames :D.

Animation was very Pico'ish... like the running in the Bear game.

Only badthing I noticed was: If "you" and someone else tied for 1st, another person would win.
example: Nene and I got the same score in the FBI game, but Pico won because he was the 3rd place. In the event of a tie... the game completely ignores the tie and goes for the 3rdplace person. (this happened to me on FBI game and the Bear game.... i won the chainsaw game on 1st attempt)

Pretty good game if you just have a few minutes, but there should be more minigames. So... please make a sequel with more content, OK? Else this game is worth 4 stars.

Spudzy responds:

Yeah, I was planning on having at least 5 minigames but I just really didn't have enough time :'(

Aw well..

The game was quite hard and challenging, but it's fun. :)

Spudzy responds:

The harder the better baby

Got all the medals! nice game. keep it up :)

Spudzy responds: