Reviews for "Pico Party Mayhem"

I have the same issues as dustin-mcvay. It was put together really well but absolutely no enjoyment cause the first too mini games are just too hard. AI seems to be able to get three headshots at once, and the hit detection for the chainsaw is terrible. coulda been great though.

i gave i 1 stare and a half coz the controls are bad if u change it then it be good and when u try and kill the fbi your shots dont count change that as well.

does'nt like me

too hard. This fbi shootout, the computer players hit instantly, and the chainsaw game the kids are completely immune to my chainsaw... The third one is too easy though.

I really hate how the others can shoot several FBI agents right when they come up. In the carnage, it's almost impossible to win because the chainsaw will almost never line up right. The death chase, however, was good.