Reviews for "Pico Party Mayhem"

fy best game!! XD

Really nice tribute. The FBI shootout is way to laggy and I noticed that the other player can shoot 3-4 enemies at once! It's the only bug I found.

Good time waster. In Chainsaw Carnage, though, I got the medal by getting last place. Didn't see any other bugs. Oh, and if you're having trouble in FBI Shootout, make sure you don't shoot until the agents raise their guns. Earlier and it doesn't get counted.

When I came across the fairly low score in this game, I thought it was going to be something cheesy. I was of course pleasantly surprised to find out it was anything but. I think the best thing about this is how the graphics look so nostalgic. You just seem to really reckon back to the older days of the website. This looks so much like the ones used in Tom Fulp's original "Pico's School" game. My favorite level is the Death Chase.

That's probably because it's the only one I could win and the only one where I didn't get dead at the end. I like how there are many great references to classic NG games. In the end, that's really what Pico Day is all about. The sound effects and music are nice too. I know it's kind of late (and too early for this game) but Happy Pico Day!

Spudzy responds:

You're an awesome reviewer :)

I really hate how the others can shoot several FBI agents right when they come up. In the carnage, it's almost impossible to win because the chainsaw will almost never line up right. The death chase, however, was good.