Reviews for "Pico Party Mayhem"

I'm very disappointed by the FBI shootout game. I was shooting the agents before they even stopped moving, and somehow hitting behind them. I can see that happening as a result of certain programming methods, so I adjusted my play, and started scoring the occasional agent. However, it still seems hard-coded which players will hit which target, at speeds that couldn't be rivaled. It also did not escape my attention that certain players were hitting up to three targets simultaneously.
I'm a little mad, but I mostly feel disappointed. Nothing ruins a good game like a cheating NPC.

I have the same issues as dustin-mcvay. It was put together really well but absolutely no enjoyment cause the first too mini games are just too hard. AI seems to be able to get three headshots at once, and the hit detection for the chainsaw is terrible. coulda been great though.

this game was hard as hell but i gurante you i will beat all of the party games :)

This would of been a great game if the first two mini-games weren't impossible to play. The first game the computer players seemed to have split second reflex so actually scoring even 1 point was impossible. The second game was completely unplayable because you couldn't even hit any of them yet the computer players scores were skyrocketing. The third and final game was way too easy as the computer players were out near the beginning almost as if to say "well, we'll give you a break this time you little retard" which didn't help contribute to it being at all enjoyable. If you turn down the difficulty a fair bit then this would definitely be an awesome game, but right now I don't get how it made front page.

too hard. This fbi shootout, the computer players hit instantly, and the chainsaw game the kids are completely immune to my chainsaw... The third one is too easy though.